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We offer subscription boxes to our local community. If you are 20 miles or less from our location, we will deliver for a variable fee. If you are not within the 20-mile limit, we will offer pickup subscription boxes to whoever would like to. A list of all the available mushrooms will be provided to you upon request to choose from and how much. With any questions feel free to contact me at 307-679-3231.

Local Delivery - less than 20 miles

Please get in touch with me at 307-679-3231 (Text or call) for options to have a subscription box dropped right off at your home. We will require someone to be at the drop-off site to receive and sign the order. There will be a variable delivery fee for those that choose to have it delivered.


- less than 20 miles away from our location (No exceptions).

- Payment must be paid before delivery.

- Must be someone at the drop-off site to sign and accept the order.


Local Pickup

Please contact me at 307-679-3231 (Text or call) for options to set up local subscription box pickup times. You may come to pick it up from any distance you please to pickup. There will be no fee, but payments must be paid before or upon pickup to receive a subscription box. There will be no extra fee for picking up on-site boxes. 


- Payment must be paid before drop-off

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