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What Will our Plan Be?

Good morning! My dad and I have done some more fantastic work to get this place running by the beginning of May. We have started making the tents finally. They are huge, and we feel like they will be better than buying grow tents themselves. We plan to have a twelve feet width and length by eight feet high. We have most of the walls built for the grow rooms, but we are running slim on tape, and we still have to get the ceilings done for the tents.

Even though we are running low on supplies for the tents, there is still a lot of other work that could be done when all of the grow room supplies are used up. For example, there are still the pressure cookers to be set up, the HEPA filters and stand, and last but surely not least, we have to set up the immaculate amount of shelves. A video posted on my YouTube channel will show how we have built and made each wall. Although the amount of work put into this job, it will be a while before the video can be edited and posted on youtube.

Please be patient with us to get everything set up. No sooner than later, we will have the whole shop set up, and we will be able to share all the information we have with you. Remember to check out my Facebook, Instagram, and youtube channel for frequent updates. Also, if there are any questions, please feel free to leave them below or direct message me on Facebook and Instagram. I will always respond and be able to answer all the questions you will/might have.

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