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What is on the Checklist?

My dad has all this coming week off until the nineteenth. He will help me out and get stuff done so that as soon as he leaves to go back to his job, I can start production. Although, We still have to get licensing and certificates before we can do any of that, sadly. During these next thirteen days, we have a lot to cover and a lot to do. Looking at the checklist from this point of view, it seems like there is a lot on our hands, but it's just more tedious and less labor-intensive things left to do.

First, we have to get the lab finished so that I can start the early stages of production with spawn, agar trays, and liquid cultures. Then we have to build stands to set our Heppa filters on so that I have a full thirty-inch by six feet table to work on. Then to make the space more protective, we have gotten two four-by-eight sheets of plexiglass to stand up and enclose the clean air space. To finish the lab, we converted from an office, and we had to build many more shelves to store all the cultures we will be making and all the spawn bags.

Second, we still have to finish building our grow rooms. We cannot do anything until the garage floors in the warehouse we leased are power washed. This shop used to be a semi-truck cleaning station; There are many oil and rust stains all over the place. We can build the walls for the grow rooms, but sadly cannot stand them up until everything is deep cleaned.

Lastly, More and more back-office work keeps popping up. For example, figuring out the monthly budget, creating and finalizing policies, and, last but not least, editing the website to be as perfect as possible. I have finally gotten a printer in my office here and will be using it non-stop.

I hope all of you are reading this love it, and I hope it is getting spread through yours and my community. Community and communication is honestly my main goal throughout this whole business. Without either of those, there is no point in starting, let alone running a business. Please check out my Instagram (Webster_mycology) and my Facebook page to stay more up-to-date with everything going on.

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