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What Is are Big Plans!? What are We Setting up Today? We Have to Move the Start Date Sadly.

Hello Everyone! It seems like I haven't been getting much direct engagement. So I would love to put this at the beginning of the post. I would love for each of you that read this to go to my Facebook and Instagram and engage with me. Talk with me about anything you would like. I am an open book and would love to hear from you and all your ideas. I hope you all have a fantastic day whenever you're reading this. Each of you reading this is amazing, and it helps me in so many ways.

Firstly, to start this blog post, I am super excited to announce that our first grow tent will be put up today. My hardworking and intelligent dad has been helping so much with all this. We just finished the painting in the area where we will build the first tent. Are plan Is to build and paint in sections. We have a lot of areas that we need to cover, and we have a lot of processes that are already working. We are going little by little, but eventually, everything will be done, and I cannot wait to give a tour.

Second, I have a few business ideas to ping off and put into the universe. My thoughts mentioned in a previous blog post were mushroom Monday, Whip-up Wednesday, and Fungi Friday. As soon as we have mushrooms growing, those will be implemented and be done weekly. Another idea I have is on the off days to do a blog post and do a short written tutorial on the processes of making mushrooms. Let me know how you would like that and how many would follow along.

Lastly, to finish all this up, we will have to push back the date of opening. I know it hurts me too and makes me rather sad, but to have all this run smoothly and efficiently, I would like to get more things done and set in stone before we open. Also, Are spawn is getting grown in slowly but surely. To end this all off again, I will say don't forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook. I would love it if all of you that read this left a comment and a like.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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