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What Have We Done!? We Have Finally Produced Spawn Bags!

I am so excited to say that we have produced a batch of spawn bags and many more! They are currently cooling in front of our Hepa Filters. Sadly, I had two bags burst and spill all over our Pressure cookers for the first time. Although, we still have ten left that I can start as soon as I finish this blog post. I plan to do four Shittake spawn bags because those take forever to inoculate, then I will grab a random six other genetics.

Our water guy is coming from Utah and should be here sometime today(Saturday the sixteenth of April). We are starting to get things up and running, and everything appears to be running smoothly. My goal is to finish upwards of 60 spawn bags this coming week. I will also experiment with liquid cultures and see how that works out. You, all my readers, will be the first ones to know how this crazy experiment will go.

Sadly, Today I have to cut this blog short and get things ready for the inoculation process for my spawn. Feel free to message me or even leave a comment down below, and I will answer within a day. Don't forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook for more updates and personalized pictures for everyone to see. Thank you to every one of you. Have a fantastic weekend and be with your family this Easter.

A. Austin Webster



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