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We Have Finally Done It! More! More! Mooore! More is Coming... I Promise

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! From my last blog post, I hope you all had a good Monday and made it the best! I make these blogs to bring light into someone or even your life, and it also helps to get my words out there, which I love doing. I want to leave you with a question to think about and ponder while reading through this blog. What do I want? Why do I want it? And how will I achieve it?

We have successfully inoculated some mushroom substrate as of 5/18/22. Those will be ready to fruit and ready to be put in the grow chamber by the end of this month and have mushrooms growing in June. I used my spawn, and the different genetics I used were a black oyster, Blue oyster, Italian oyster, and chestnut. We have two more batches ready for me to inoculate; let me know what genetic I should do next.

More videos will be coming soon. We have a lot of ideas for videos that we will be executing here shortly. The main one that I will be implementing shortly is creating a video to go along with this blog. Instead of reading a blog, why not watch a blog in a funny and all-inclusive way. I cannot wait to get that going and see what reacts better, the blog or the video blog.

I have to cut this blog short because we have so much to do in a single day's work. If you have an answer for the question I left with you to think about at the beginning of this blog, please leave a comment down below or, even better, on any of my socials linked below. I would love to hear and talk with you about what you truly want and your plan to do it.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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