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We got through half the week! I majorly messed up. Is Mistie being sassy again?

Woot Woot! We made it through half the workweek. Only today and two more days, and it is the weekend. Happy Wednesday to everyone, and I hope today is as unique and extraordinary as you are. I feel fantastic today, and I hope this post will be just as amazing as I think, so you all have a good day as well. Although, Yesterday wasn't that good for me. I made some spawn bags. Two had exploded while cooking, and as well my Liquid cultures had become cloudy. I let them sit overnight, and now they are spinning with a magnetic stir bar.

I believe it was my mistake because I did neglect the liquid cultures and had them upwards of almost 17psi and cooked them too long. Today I will be doing another batch and keeping a close eye on them. I am very hopeful that this will all work out. I have some spawn bags ready to be inoculated with different genetics. I will get more of the Liquid cultures in the pressure cookers and then start getting that spawn prepared to go.

I have some updates on my shop puppy, little Mushroom Mistie. She has been super good, and I think she is accustomed to being in the shop. Mistie has been getting sassy and not wanting to listen all that much. She does stuff to almost get in her trouble, but she knows her boundaries very well. I have started to teach her that only I can let her out. When I open the door, she has to sit and hear the words "Let's go" before she can come outside. Mistie is husky and very knowledgable, but that husky in her comes with a lot of sass and talking back.

Sadly, today I have a lot of work I need to do around here. Again I will have to cut today's blog a little shorter. Don't forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

There are more updates and daily posts that will keep you updated and more informed on what's all happening. I wish each of you a good day, and I hope you all enjoyed this blog post.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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