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This Is Going to be a Long Couple Days. Promises and Major Thank You's

Good Morning, Good afternoon, or good evening whenever you read this! I hope you are having a fantastic day, and I hope that your Friday eve is incredible as you are. Today is going to be a slow-going couple of days. Today and tomorrow is inoculation day for spawn, substrate, and more liquid cultures. I will be in the lab and clean room area all stinking day.

In the paragraph, I want to respond to a few answers from the last blog I made. The question was, " Why are you reading this blog?" I got just a fire emoji that says more words to me than an entire paragraph. Another excellent answer from my sister was, "Because I love you and your the best!!!!" The support and love I get from my family are overwhelmingly excellent! It's just a good feeling, and I feel all the love and support. I want to leave you all with another question to answer. What would you want to see more from me in the future?

I haven't promoted this yet, but I have an Etsy shop! I have one item up, and it is all the liquid cultures I have. I range from medicinal mushroom cultures to all the gourmet mushrooms. I only have about ten genetics up because I am still testing and running checks for contamination. So if you ever want to get some liquid cultures or even try different strains of mushrooms, my shop is running, and I have a lot of stock of the cultures I have. Soon in the future there will be so much more added and much more attention to the shop.

I will end this blog with another thank you for reading these blogs. I have a lot of other blogs and even a couple of tutorials that you can check out. I love the few of you that read this and responded. When I have more products, I will remember each of you, write your names down, and give something to each of you. You all are amazing.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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