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Sunday Funday! New Week New Adventures! Why Does He Have To Go?

Sunday Funday! It's the beginning of a new week and new adventures for all of us to take! I hope this week for everyone went smoothly, and I hope this week is even better than the last. I Recently have been stuck in the rut of not getting enough views for how I'm doing my ads. If you have any suggestions for me or what made you guys click on this post, please let me know. I would love to hear and talk with everyone that reads these blogs.

I have had my nephew here for the last couple of days. He lives in West Jordan, Utah. I have done so much more work with him here. He has been a lot of help doing the tedious things while I do something to move projects along. He made 120 spawn bags yesterday. My nephew will be the standard for what I expect in a worker. He is on time with everything I have asked him to do, and he works non-stop. I appreciate having him here, and he is getting paid better than what I did with my first job. Sadly, this is going to be his last day working with me.

We are moving right along with the shop and the grow rooms. All I have to do now is power wash, clean the walls, and paint and then the grow rooms will be able to be put up in no time. The shop doesn't need to be painted, but it will eventually, and why not now while everything still needs to be set up, Right? My philosophy is to do more work now to have less work to do later.

Again I am so grateful for each of you that reads these blogs. Leave me a comment down below and let me know how you all like these blogs and maybe have something for me to do in the future. Also, Don't forget to interact with me on Facebook and Instagram. I will be there every day to answer questions and hear from you. You all have a fantastic week, and I will be back to write another blog on Tuesday.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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