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Some Changes Need to be Made and I am Going to Make Them.

I have been gone for the past few days, just being lazy and catching up on some needed sleep. However, I will be making some significant changes. Instead of having a blog post every other day, I will be changing my posts to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I always have something going on the weekends, and I don't want to disappoint or let down anyone from me being busy. So from now on, I will be posting a new blog post every other weekday starting on Mondays.

Some more news is that we will have mushrooms in the grow rooms in the next week! We have blue and black oyster mushrooms almost fully inoculated. This coming Friday, we will have mushrooms ready for the fruiting process. More good news is that everything is that all the liquid cultures I have made are in testing or already have syringes pulled. I am so excited for everything to be cleared, either to sell or put into my bags.

Lastly, I have made a video and will be editing it tomorrow, Tuesday. All the footage is sadly at the warehouse, and I cannot edit any of it here at home. I would love to do a week-by-week video of what I do and have done in the warehouse. I want to do kind of like a vlog or weekly memory to look back on what I have done.

Thank you to all who have followed me through this crazy adventure and have been patient with my ever-changing schedule of posts and blogs. Don't forget to check out my socials linked below for updates and some fantastic photos. There will be more updates on the weekdays and more consistent throughout the week.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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