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Make This The Best Monday Ever! Liquid Culture is Almost Here!

Man, oh, man! It's a Monday! Woot Woot! I know Mondays suck and Mondays mean the beginning of the long crazy, and boring work week. Although, it doesn't have to feel like that if you do not make it. Always make every day as if it were the last. Wake up early, get in the needed work, and have fun or do something you would regret not doing.

I want to start this blog post with my progress on liquid cultures. The process for all my liquid cultures is growing and will be coming up on my Etsy store shortly. When I had the idea for this business, I never thought that I would be selling my genetics or even selling things other than mushrooms.

Another crazy milestone we have hit is that we have made our first batch of mushrooms substrate. We use a Bubbas Barrell, and when I was trying to learn how to use it, I could not find any videos on a step-by-step or a tutorial on any platform. Here shortly, there will be a fantastic video on how I set up my Bubbas Barrell and what you all could do for yours if or when you get one.

I would also like to leave a short story and a question in the fourth paragraph. My question for you, and I would love a response on any of my socials, is, what is your main stopping point/excuse that you haven't done what you want to do in life? My excuse was money. That is a lot of other excuses too, but honestly, make a business plan, pitch it to the bank, and get the cash you need.

I want to do like I did in my last post, and thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate it, and I hope you keep coming back every other day for a new one. Check out my socials and all my links attached to the buttons below.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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