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Its a Good Monday! Such a Good Day to Say "I Get To!"

Happy Monday to you! It's the start of a new work week, and it is the most dreaded day of the week. Although, it doesn't have to be the worst. Look at life as you are able to do things you do. Once you go into that style of life as I get to instead of having to, it will change your life forever. I started living like that, and it has made me more humble, happy, and less stressed with all the things starting a business entails. I challenged you to start saying I can instead of I have to. For a whole week, do it and let me know how it has changed your outcome and production in your life.

Let me talk about the grow rooms and the blocks in them. The mushrooms are pinning! The Italian oysters and black pearl king trumpets have been going crazy and started getting some fantastic pin sets. I had a wonderful weekend getaway, and the tools I had in each grow room made me know for sure my machines and smart functions were working correctly, and I didn't worry a single bit. Everything I needed to know was a single click on my phone, and I knew everything.

I will be making a video of why I did all I did on the grow rooms when I can make sure everything is stable, and the grow rooms are stocked full with blocks. That way, I can show that the stuff I did works, and it all makes sense. Also, I have made a consistent work schedule that will be followed to a T! More changes and more content will come shortly. That is a promise I will make to you.

There will be more to see, but for right now, my socials are booming with some gorgeous photos and feeds. Check them out with the buttons down below! Give me some feedback and talk with me. I love all the comments I get, the likes, and the feel-good comments. I genuinely love it, and I love you for reading this blog. Thank you!

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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If they are close but still a little young, harvest them while you can.


Finding the harmony between work and personal time will come, you’re doing great, just keep observing your babies and reciprocate the care they’ll provide to you.

Just remember the difference between two hours can be significant.


Excited to see the massive clusters, I’m so envious you already have kings! what?!?!

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