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It's Friday! Why Are we Hiring Already!?

Woo Woo! It's a Friday! This will be a fantastic weekend, and it will be a massive step for us! I push you to either get out of what you're doing or do something you love! This weekend here in Wyoming is going to be super lovely and super warm. Good thing it is summer and the days last till 9 pm because I will be working. That isn't bad because this job is my baby, and I love this business like no other.

The massive step we are taking is that we are hiring someone! We are doing interviews today for a janitor position. This position will free up so much time for us, and we will be able to do much more work. I cannot wait because I hate cleaning, and I would love to hire someone and allow them to make some extra cash into their pockets.

I think I will make this 3rd paragraph dedicated to a question and me answering the previous blog's question. The question Was, "Why are you still doing what you're doing?" I am still doing what I am doing because I love this business, and I feel like it can set my family and my life forever. The following question I have is... Would You Rather Live 120 Years Comfortable But Dull, Or Live Half As Long But Have An Exciting Adventure-Packed Life?

Thank you for reading this blog! If you want to answer the question, go to a few of my socials and personal message me. I want to hear all of your answers and talk for a while. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I hope to see you all back on Monday for the next blog post.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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