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I Will Admit This... My Day-To-Day life explained. Why Did I Not Follow The Normal?

I will admit... yesterday, and there was supposed to be a blog post posted. Although, I took a lazy day and didn't do anything but sleep in and play my favorite video games. Today I am happily back in the office doing the work I love. I am addicted to my work and this field of agriculture. Even though I took a day off, I was still working on my mind. I came up with ideas, workflow strategies, and social aspects of work. I think that this mindset is a good thing.

I have watched many motivational videos and watched many Work-life balance videos. Everyone I have seen has said that balance is vital. I genuinely don't think... I want to work more now to buy my time back later. For example, I would love to get more work done and spend more time in the office doing more now and well done instead of quickly doing more later.

I would also love to talk about what my day-to-day life looks like. A little back story for everyone. I am 20 years old with the worst GPA and attendance rate from the school I graduated from. I was never meant for school or to have someone teach me. I was always the type of person that I learned from experiences and my mistakes. I am not a morning person, and school was to blame for that. I was the type of person that slept in till twelve or even one in the afternoon. Now that I am doing something that I love, I wake up at seven or eight in the morning because I strive and do things that I genuinely love and want to happen.

My day-to-day life looks like this. I wake up at eight in the morning, get ready and kiss the love of my life good morning. I get to the office and look at everything I have done so far with the business. I always take a step back and look at everything I have done and wish for the future. Then I get my needed coffee and breakfast burrito sit down, and either come up with a blog post topic to write about, or Get on and check out all the socials and respond to everyone. Then I have this little notebook where I write tasks I need to do for that day. I then execute those tasks. Then I try to get home around six in the evening. Then I go on with my life at home.

To summarize everything, my life has been ups and downs and highs and lows. I would love to write a short story book about how my life came to be and what I do day-to-day. If any of you would read it, let me know, and that would encourage me more and more to do it. Since I did not write a blog yesterday, I am writing it today and getting back on track with another one tomorrow.

To finish up this blog, I am going to promote my socials. Check out for more frequent updates on my Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I would love you all to contact me and chat around. I hope you all have a fantastic week and get through to Friday.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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