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I Really Suck at This Thing! Guess What Happened!?

Happy Friday to you! I am so sorry I didn't post this last Wednesday. I had some things come up, and I bet one of you could guess what it was, but I will leave it for you to find. If you know what it is, leave it in my comments on where you found this blog.

The question in the last vlog was, "Would You Rather Live 120 Years Comfortable But Dull, Or Live Half As Long But Have An Exciting Adventure-Packed Life?" I would rather live half as long but have an exciting life. Because after 80 years, yes, you'll have a family to talk to, but at 60, you still have some golden years left, and right up till you die, it's packed full of fun. So, I would have more fun for 60 years than be dull for 120 years. The next question I have for you is, "Who or what inspires you?" Not only inspires but who do you want to be?

We have too many mushrooms! We have not sold any mushrooms to consistent buying restaurants. So that means all the mushrooms we have set in the fridge. We have over 75 pounds of mushrooms. On Monday(after the blog, of course), I will go to restaurants in my small town of Evanston and hopefully get at least 20 - 30 pounds of mushrooms a week going out.

I say this in every blog, but I genuinely love and appreciate all of you who read this. I see it, and I know who all read it. I love the feedback, even the likes on my Facebook and Instagram. I am surprised by the numbers each time I look. If you read these, please, show that you do by saying "I READ IT" in the comments. Appreciate all of you and see you next week on Monday.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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What a blessing of a first harvest, everything will fall into place in time but at least the harvest is on point. There is a farm in the UK, his first batch he aspired to produce 1000 lbs and felt his life would change if he could just do that. He did it but he didn’t have his outlets online yet, he said he had to throw out 2/3rds, but they came in time. hit those streets and meet your chefs, they’ll live you and the product.

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