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I Have Bad News... Also! I Have Some Good News!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! So that you know, I am never not going to say that. I always love to start these blogs with a comforting and smile-filled sentence. I have some exciting news for you all to read about. If you continue, you will get to read all the great information I have to tell you.

Firstly, I am going to start with some bad news. Our refrigerator that is supposed to sit at thirty-nine to forty-one degrees dropped below freezing. Almost one hundred pounds of mushrooms that I was so excited to grow and see my first flushes of mushrooms. All one hundred pounds, nearly $1000 worth, had to get set on the side for dehydration. Thankfully, those mushrooms are getting repurposed, but they could have been sent to chefs that would appreciate it so much.

Secondly, for the excellent news. We have already made our first sale through the internet and my Etsy page. We have made out the first face-to-face sale twice over. It felt so good to get that online sale, but seeing their smile with my mushrooms felt much more heartfelt and unique. Also, I have taken five chef mix boxes to chefs. Complimentary to us and for them to try out to see if they like them and if their customers also want them.

As always, this second to the last paragraph is to answer my question from the previous blog and ask another question. The question was, "Who or what inspires you?" What inspires me is one-thousand and one percent of my parents. They inspire me to no end. My dad has been with the same company his whole life and climbed the ladder. My mother is the sweetest and most wholesome human I know. Her patience and care for someone are the strongest I have ever seen. The next question I have for you all is... What is one dream that you have always wanted to come true?

Thank you all for reading and following along on the crazy journey with me and the business. I honestly see you all liking and commenting, and I respond and talk with everyone. Don't forget to answer the question in the paragraph above on any of the socials linked to the buttons down below. Thank you again!

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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Grateful to hear you got your chef boxes out doing what they do best, feed those hungry bellies with the finest, highest quality, pure as the driven snow, and Wyoming’s own Webster Mycology gourmet mushrooms.


For us to have farms globally, workations in the tropics and the month after Alaska.

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