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I Am So Sorry Everyone... Updates and What Has Happened the Past Few Days!

I am so sorry to everyone... I have been gone for the past couple of days because. I was in the shop yesterday, but it was an off day for the blogs, so I didn't do anything even on social. I went silent and black for the past couple of days. Nothing terrible or sad happened, but I just wanted a few days off to enjoy life and my family. If you can't do that every once in a while and enjoy life or not work, you're in the wrong career. You have to have a balance and a love for life.

Some amazing things happened in the past couple of days. A new Italian restaurant opened up around the same time I opened this business. My girlfriend being that supportive and fantastic lady she is, was at a wedding that the Italian restaurant was catering. She went up to them and talked about my business. I have another lead and a fantastic opportunity to grow with them as we explode in the food supply games.

Firstly, some minor updates have happened since I wrote my last blog. I have been getting the grow rooms ready for production. We have so many ducting lines running. I punched the holes for the grow rooms a while ago, but finally, I have pass-throughs for the rooms and ducting running through them all. Today the grow rooms will be fully operational, and I will have to keep you in the loop.

I have more and more ideas coming all at once in my head. I have ideas for podcasts, videos, tutorials, products, and advertisements. I don't have enough time in a day to do it all. I wish there were 72 hours in a day and only slept for 2. I love to sleep, but I love growth more. I can't wait for the development and for things to explode. I cannot wait for it all to happen and boom in conversations with anyone and everyone.

I am going to end this blog here with another deep question. This isn't a question I found on the internet, and pondering it for a while. This question is... Why are you reading this blog? I genuinely want to hear all your answers and your feelings about these blogs. Don't forget to check out all my socials listed below. I will ramp up the effort and time I have to make more social posts.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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