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I Am Back! Happy Labor Day Everyone! Crazy News? Terrific Updates? Read to Find out!

Hello All! Happy Monday and happy Labor Day! Thank you to all who work to improve this country and keep it growing and becoming better every day. I will not be working today besides getting our excellent and plentiful mushrooms picked. There have been a lot of updates that have slowly come to fruition over the past couple of months. We have made many changes to our growing chambers, We have continued to get more chefs, and We are making plans to grow our product line.

Firstly, The many changes we have made to the grow rooms are; added new and improved lighting, increased airflow into the tents, and a consistent rotating schedule. Our new lighting has made out caps of our mushrooms massive. Mushrooms are phototropic, Which means they grow toward or away from the light. Mushrooms are not photosynthetic like trees, and other green plants are. We upgraded the lights to have 1500 lux instead of less than 100 lux like my other lights were. Our mushrooms started stretching towards the lights and did not look good. We are getting massive caps with the new lighting, and all the mushroom strains look even better.

Secondly, We are growing our incredible following of chefs taking our mushrooms. We currently have a fantastic chef working in a resort and the restaurant called 'The Powder.' we are taking weekly trips to Park City, Utah, and taking sample boxes to all the chefs we can. We have a few chefs that are also very grateful for the sample mushroom box. We have to follow up with them and set up accounts for them. We are growing steadily and getting more and more to take out a unique variety of mushrooms.

Third, We have some fantastic products in the works to keep us growing and following up. I cannot tell you what they are yet, but they will be announced shortly. I will give a little hint, though... They incorporate our dehydrated mushroom line. We have a brand new mushroom coming to our variety, though. The fantastic and nutty pioppino mushroom will be on the list this coming week. It resembles the chestnut mushroom with long stems and a medium-sized cap.

To wrap this blog up, I want to give the new schedule for blogs. The Blogs will be sporadic and not as consistent as they used to be. Any time something new happens or a big update, I will gladly make a blog. Thank you to all who have read this. I would love for you all to post about your guy's labor day in the comments. Write in the comments where you found this blog, "Happy Labor Day," so I know who is reading.

A. Austin Webster

Webster Mycology Inc.

September 5th, 2022

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For my Labor Day weekend the family gathered at my eldest daughter's home. We celebrated with fantastic tasting T-Bones and pasta salad. The steaks were big, as well as, the filets!!!! Yum. Would have tasted better with sautéed mushrooms. Funny how Austin, author of this blog, didn't think of that. It really is hysterical! We had a marvelous time. Thank you Kylie, Seth, Micki, Austin and little Freya for a wonderful get together.

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