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How soon!? Real soon!

We are getting closer and closer to our scheduled opening date! Since I sadly do not have my dad there to help me today, I'll be in the back office doing more tedious work. Today is the day I made the government happy and made them see all the potential that growing mushrooms has for a community and the entire country. I have been super grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me to start this business. I have been in envy of my brother, that started doing this in Houston, Texas, as Rich Mycology. My brother was the one that has guided me and taught me all that I know about this industry


I haven't started reaching out to my community here, and I have already been recognized as "the mushroom guy." It is a fantastic feeling that so many people are excited and intrigued that there will be someone here in this small town of Evanston growing mushrooms. When I start advertising more that no matter where I go, I hope there will always be someone asking about my mushrooms.

My goal is to write an entire three-paragraph blog every other day. So if you do not see a post every other day, there will be an update on Instagram (@webster_mycology) or Facebook. There will be more content, and more short videos are coming soon. I have shot them and need to edit them now.

Webster Mycology

A. Austin Webster

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