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Happy Fungi Friday! Hopeful Updates and Crazy Findings!

Happy Fungi Friday to you! Today is a big hit for us here at Webster Mycology. The people we met and loved our mushrooms were so sweet and impressed. We have officially passed up five orders in one week. Also, we have started dehydrating mushrooms. We thankfully have so many mushrooms that there isn't enough to sell fresh. If you want to get some dehydrated mushrooms, go to my Etsy shop, and shortly there will be more.

Some updated news for our mushroom growth is we have added gypsum to our spawn. I added that mineral three weeks ago. This next week will be the first time the spawn will go into the substrate. I have had three weeks of no gypsum mushrooms, and now I will have to see what works better. I have done the research, and both sides say it doesn't do anything, but others say there is a big difference.

The last question was so amazing, and the feedback was so fantastic! The question from the previous blog was, "What is one dream that you have always wanted to come true?" In previous blogs, I have always wanted my own business. My dream was to own a business and always be able to work for myself and not someone else. The next question is, what would the perfect day look like for you?

Thank you all for reading and following along on the crazy journey with me and the business. I honestly see you all liking and commenting, and I respond and talk with everyone. Don't forget to answer the question in the paragraph above on any of the socials linked to the buttons down below. Thank you again!

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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