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Fungi Friday! What is on the agenda?

Firstly, Happy Friday to everyone! This day marks the last Friday of our spring here, where I am here in Evanston, Wyoming. That means everyone on work leave sadly has to come back and get some more work done. If it were me, I would take a spring break for the rest of my life. No work and all the traveling? That right there sounds pretty amazing to me.

Sadly though, We live in the real world and cannot do that. We all have to make money to do what we want and strive for. Here today, my dad and I are going to get our substrate mix, and our Bubbas Barrel is coming today as well. We will have all of our equipment needed to make mushrooms and extra because why not be a little extra... Right?

I have recently played many inspirational songs like "live your life" by T.I. and Rihanna. This song and so many others are the reason for my inspiration to have my own business and be my own boss. I would love to have this business be successful and mentor and help others who have the same mindset and strive to be entrepreneurs. In the future, I will help out others like there has been so much help given to me. I will make that promise to everyone that is reading this now.

Today is going to be a day full of more sitting and driving. There is not much other than getting supplies an hour and a half away from our base. Although, for the time being, I hope everyone reading can enjoy this post. Make sure to keep updated on my Instagram and Facebook. If there are any answers I could give, please reach out on either of those platforms, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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