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Friday Eve! What Are My goals? What Do I Want To Do?

Hello Everyone! I did this in my last blog, and it seemed to work all too well. So I'm going to promote and write to advertise my own Socials links. Here shortly and starting in the next coming months will bring so many more posts to Facebook and Instagram. I am also super excited to start my YouTube channel. I would love it if, after you read through all this craziness I write to go down to the bottom of the page and click all my links. Today is Friday eve, and I would love to hear from you about the fantastic plans you all have for this summer.

I would love to talk about my plans and goals for the future. My short-term goals are to get five restaurants by the summer. My long-term goal is to have this operation produce 1000 pounds a week for wholesale distributers, personal relationships with restaurants, and local sales. Then in 5 to 6 years, when this is fully operational and has employees, I want to have this be the mid-west operational, and I want to go entirely west to Oregon and open another operation there.

I also aspire and strive to grow this business and this field, but another thing I want to open is a bowling alley. I'll be honest, but I am not that good. It's not the game that is fun; it's the feeling and community around bowling. The Bowling alley in Evanston, Wyoming, has the most incredible community and social people I have ever seen. I want to open another one up in Oregon and grow that community.

To finish this blog, I want to hear and listen to all of you who read this to contact me through my socials about your short-term and long-term goals. Thank you to each of you that read this get me. I appreciate it, and I love every second of it. You all have a good Friday eve and the weekend.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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