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Friday Eve! 2 Things I Did as A Child That I Do Now. Finally A Better Way to Do Things!

Happy Friday eve, everyone! Almost the weekend, and almost time to have some weekend fun! I hope starting tomorrow, you have some fun and can get out of your day or night job and do something you love doing. I know I am going to be working like crazy over this weekend. Twelve to fourteen hours of work and then sleep is all I will be doing this weekend.

To be honest, I love this kind of work. It does not feel like work at all. I pretended that I was a scientist or a crazy doctor when I was younger. This is just the adult version of my childhood, and I love it. Also, my favorite part is working for myself and my future, so I feel obligated to work as much as possible and do as much as I can, unlike I did in previous jobs working for someone else.

Okay, enough about personal and me, let's talk about the business. I have finally gotten some Liquid cultures syringes pulled from my liquid culture that was made on the twentieth of April. They have grown immensely, and now I can pull syringes to put in some spawn bags. I love inoculating spawn bags with the syringes because it prevents things from hitting the inside of the bags as Agar would. Also, it is faster and goes more smoothly using liquid instead of Agar.

Lastly, The warehouse and grow rooms are coming together very clean. I cannot wait for the grow rooms to be fully operational and see a hundred different jobs I have done come together and be one complete operating system. I also hope that when this is all operational, I can make videos of the pros and cons of what I have done.

To end this blog, I want to say one final thing. I truly and really hope that you have a good day. Enjoy today like it was your last. Never take things easy. You only have one life, and take that risk that you have always wanted to take. Don't forget to check out my socials with the buttons below. If you have read this far, leave a comment on my socials about what would be that one risk you could be taking to either make you happier or freer.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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