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Crazy Days Come and Go! Thank You to Everyone

Finally back in the office! The past couple of days have been crazy and stressful. I would love to talk about what has been happening, but I don't think it is appropriate at this point in time. Although, I can still talk about the work that I have done the past couple of days. I have made a tutorial and so far haven't gotten any feed back on it. So... I am going to take that as people read, say to themselves "this is good and helpful" and then move on. I'm kidding and would love any criticism I can get because then I can grow and become better.

I would love to say that this business keeps getting better and better. The back office work I can do anytime and anywhere. I absolutely love that I can create my own hours. Of course though I have to make up time when I am gone from the warehouse. Just recently tuesday I got into the warehouse at eight in the morning and I didn't leave till ten at night. It was a good day of work, but I was worn down the next day.

What I think I am going to love the most when we actually start getting feedback and attention is the community aspect of all the other growers. I have already contacted a lot of the seniors in the field and they have been so helpful and so kind to respond and talk with me about all the questions I have. I also cannot wait to be the person that helps everyone as well like so many have helped me do what I want and love.

I really appreciate and love the opportunity that this business has brought for me and the freedom of my own choice has been amazing. Don't forget to check out my socials that are linked to the buttons below. I would love for you to check out everything. I also post more frequently and more often on each Facebook and Instagram. I would love to hear all the feedback. If any of you have gotten to this point go on my most recent post and comment what has been your favorite thing happen this year in 2022.

A. Austin Webster


Webster Mycology

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