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Another Day in the Back Office - 3/30/22

Well, here is to another day in the back. Today will be the third day I have been sitting in my office with my puppy Mistie, getting the behind-the-scenes work done. Although, For the amount of work I have done, there is much to show to the public. I am not complaining about sitting and doing nothing but click and stare at a screen, but I would love to start getting my gourmet mushrooms growing. We have finally gotten word that the big supplies we were waiting for shipping status have finally been posted they're on their way. Big shoutout to the fantastic people I have talked to at Bubbas Barrels.

We are still in line to be fully productional at the beginning of May. There will be updates and a video posted on my youtube channel Webster Mycology with a complete walk-through. Also, there will be walk-through videos of every aspect of the building process we did to create everything. I am excited to show all the work that has been put into this business to the public.

Thank you to each of you amazing people who have read these blogs and followed all of Webster Mycology's socials. Until the next update, just know that my father and I are working hard and creating this business to be the best it can be.

A. Austin Webster

Webster Mycology inc.

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