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We Provide local Farmer's Markets with the best Mushrooms, Spices, and microgreens the Midwest has ever seen.

We love the two markets in which we currently reside. Although, we are always looking to spread our reach into more markets and events.  

About our Booth!

Our booth is Known as one with Webster Incorporated. Although, we have so many other subsidiaries. We have microgreens known as Webster Greens, Seasonings and spices known as Webster Seasonings, and last but not least, Gourmet Mushrooms known as Webster Mycology. 

Current Farmers Markets

Evanston Farmers Market

920 Front St, Evanston, WY 82930

Duration: July - September

The Evanston Farmers Market is an amazing place not only to get fresh produce from local farmers, but as well some amazing crafts and activities. Each week while the weather is nice the directors of the market have a band or a singer come. 

Wall Brother's Farmers Market

321 E Clark St, Lyman, WY 82937

Duration: June - October

With Lyman being a small town and very tightly knit, There is still big possibility and amazing farmers that provide the freshest.

We always want to grow our reach and products to some amazing people. If you are a farmers market or an event Manager, feel free to reach out by getting more information with the button below. I would love to schedule a call or an in-person meeting.

We love to see everyone at the markets and events we currently reside at. We would love more people to see us and our amazing fresh products.

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