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Frequently asked questions

How do our mushrooms grow?
Unlike the ones you have seen in the store, our mushrooms are grown on hard wood substrate blocks. We use a combination of Oak pellets and soybean hull pellets. Equal proportions of both plus some water. Most, if not all, the mushrooms you see in the store (all button mushrooms and portobello) are grown on a manure substrate. Our mushrooms have ZERO pesticides and are manure-free.

How can you do this in Wyoming?
We can grow the mushrooms we grow because we are a fully indoors operation. We currently have 2 grow rooms that are climate controlled to the specific parameters that all our mushrooms require.

How long do your mushrooms last? 
The mushrooms we grow can last up to 7 - 10 days in the fridge from being picked and packaged. Although for example, if we take out mushrooms to the markets we vendor at, depending on how long they have been sitting out from the fridge, it can be decreased to only 3 days from the sale.

Why are they so expensive?
The standing price of our mushrooms is $12 to $18 a pound, and variable different prices for half a pound and quarter pound. The mushrooms we grow are the highest end of mushrooms that can be commercially grown the rarity and delicacy are a big part of the price. From start to finish, a mushroom can take up to 16 weeks to grow, time also has a big variable. 


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