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CSA Program

Our amazing CSA program has been put on and led by Barb and Leanne with Good to Grow Farms

How To Get Our Gourmet Mushrooms

How to Order?

Below is where you can add items to your cart and checkout how you would normally through an online purchase. When you checkout, fill out your normal information and then move to "delivery method" There you can select 'CSA Delivery' and the date you would like to have the delivery on.

How long and when till you get your mushrooms?

The CSA Program is offered to CSA members only, and pick-up times are Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

What to do with them?

The greatest way to prepare mushrooms is to cook them how you would with a regular mushroom. Sautee them in some butter and add them to soups, on top of your choice of protein or eat them just as a healthy and delicious side.

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