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My name is Austin Webster

I am the owner of Webster Mycology and am in love with the industry.

The community is welcoming and will be my second home for many

years to come. 

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My name is Mistie

I am the eager and crazy shop Barker. I love Being here with my bestest of friend. I will be shy at first, but when you give me a treat I will love you forever and ever. This is my second home and my best friend gives me so much love that he will play with me instead of doing his work. If you have lots of love to give, I will be right there to accept it.

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About Us



Hello, I am The owner of Webster Mycology and would love to take a minute to describe who I am and how I started in this amazing field. I am a small-town lover with the drive and passion to start my own business. This business came into my hands by accident and would have never thought of growing gourmet mushrooms. 

My amazing and prideful brother started growing gourmet mushrooms a year ago in the big state of Texas as Rich Mycology. My brother took me under his wing and guided and mentored me to achieve greatness to start my own business here in Wyoming. 

We started the company on February 15th of 2022. 

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