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Welcome To
Webster Mycology


This Is Webster Mycology, where we have continued to grow and become way more than where are roots started. We first began by Growing gourmet

mushrooms. We are still growing mushrooms, and more than ever. Although, we are spreading the roots into growing microgreens and, even more excitingly, spices, seasonings, and Rubs.


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Our Services


Chef Deliveries

We make weekly deliveries to our local and well-loved chefs. We also deliver weekly to Utah, specifically the snow haven, Park City.

If you are a chef and want more information, please click the button below to learn more.


Local Subscriptions

We are based in Evanston Wyoming and delivery locally to this amazing small town and as well the surrounding towns and cities.

If you want to know if you're in the area of local delivers click the button down below to have more information


Online Sales

We sell our Dehydrated mushrooms, Our liquid culture genetics, Dehydrated Microgreens, and all of our spices and seasonings on this website. 

If you want bulk shipping or more information, hit the button below.


Farmers Markets

We currently are at two farmers' markets. The Evanston, Wy Depot Square Farmers market. We also are vendors at the Lyman, Wy Farmers Market.

We are currently looking for more Famers markets or indoor flee markets that need a mushroom and microgreen vendor.

Contact Us

Restaurant owners, managers, executive chefs, Event managers, and Market Managers please leave your name, number, and a short message to set up a meeting to discuss deliveries and how amazing our gourmet mushrooms and micro-greens will be for you.



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